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  • apexhacker

    2016-12-06 00:16:56

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  • MarionSi

    2015-12-08 09:44:03

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  • CherylKt

    2015-12-01 20:47:49

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  • hlyndsvjen

    2014-02-24 09:28:56

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  • pbnswnfsmp

    2014-02-08 05:57:22

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  • Hipsfoneeni

    2013-08-18 00:14:22

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  • Stephanie

    2013-08-09 11:11:23

    TODAY me and my sister were waiknlg past our neighbors house when all of a sudden it apperared we still arnt sure where it came from but we KNOW IT WAS A FISHER CAT (meow.) It pounced on my sister Britton, she didnt know what to do! She was bitten on the arm, leg, ear, and back. We figured that it was no big deal so we just put some band-aids on it. She just passed out I think. There is blood and foam coming out of her mouth but i gave her some water so it went away Its fine though, shes a tough cookie...